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I'm a content marketing writer and journalist covering the intersection of health, personal finance, and home/lifestyle topics for the web, consumer magazines, and health organization publications.

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Tips for Surviving a Sleepover

Let kids have fun while still getting a good night's sleep. (Non-bylined content client)

Money sleep 1 article

How to Keep Money Worries From Keeping You Awake

Financing retirement, paying for college, getting out of debt – financial insecurity keeps many people from getting a good night’s sleep. (Non-bylined content client.)

7 Tricks to Spring Forward Without Losing Sleep

Those first few days after losing an hour of sleep can take their toll on your physical and mental health.(Non-bylined content client.)

Handle sleep walking article

How to Handle Sleepwalking

Your child or partner walks around glassy-eyed, starring straight through you with no idea you’re there. (Non-bylined content client.)

Man person night car article

5 Road Trip Tips for Safe Travels

As summer road travel season approaches, staying alert and awake is critical for arriving safely at your destination. (Non-bylined content client.)

Foggy mist forest trees 42263 article

Haunted Places to Get Some Shut-Eye (Maybe)

Think you have what it takes to sleep among the paranormal? This Halloween, consider checking in at one of these supposedly haunted stays. (Non-bylined content client.)

Nightcap article

Nightcap? Not So Fast

A nightcap before bed— just the thing to help you fall asleep. Or is it? (Non-bylined content client.)

Bed sleep rest girl article

Summer Nights: The Pros and Cons of Cooling Down

On warm nights, how you choose to cool down while sleeping can be the difference between being well rested or not. (Non-bylined content client.)

Pregnant woman reading in bed article

Sleep Solutions for Pregnancy Heartburn Relief

If you’re pregnant and suffer from heartburn or other gastric issues, lying down can worsen your discomfort. (Non-bylined content client.)