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I'm a content marketing writer and journalist covering the intersection of health, personal finance, and home/lifestyle topics for the web, consumer magazines, and health organization publications.

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Carsafety 729143 600 article article

Driving Safely in Sudden Extreme Conditions

What to do if you get caught on the road during an extreme weather event or natural disaster

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The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving can lead to mistakes behind the wheel that can injure or kill you, your passengers or other motorists. .

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Driving Safely in School Zones

School zones are supposed to keep kids safe, but they can pose risks for both pedestrians and motorists. ..

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How To Use Children's Car Booster Seats

Even though most parents use car booster seats for children ages 4-8, they don't always use them correctly....

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Obese Drivers Face Higher Risks in Cars

Several recent studies have found that obese people are not as safe in cars as other motorists. Here's why, and what to do if you're at risk....

Carsafety 121154 300 article article

Why the New Obese Crash Test Dummy Isn't Onboard Yet

A new 273-pound crash test dummy has been introduced, but for now, most car safety testing organizations have no plans to use it....