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I'm a content marketing writer and journalist covering the intersection of health, personal finance, and home/lifestyle topics for the web, consumer magazines, and health organization publications.

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Hospital delirium slide article

Hospital-Induced Delirium

Surprisingly common in the elderly, what looks like dementia may be a state of confusion brought on by a mix of meds — and simply being in the hospital.

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The Pros and Cons of Probiotics

Fighting the side effects of antibiotics with probiotics can be effective for most but risky for some....

Pregnancy part2 slide 280x145 article

Drugs and Pregnancy Part 2: Easing Nausea

How to tackle nausea during pregnancy

Pregnancy part3 300 240x160 article

Drugs in Pregnancy Part 3: Colds, Coughs, Flu, Allergies

If you're pregnant and suffering through your umpteenth respiratory event, you're not alone.

Drugs in Pregnancy Part 4: Antibiotics

If you're wondering whether taking an antibiotic is a good idea or harmful to your baby, the answer is a resounding ... it depends.

Drugs in Pregnancy Part 5: Sleep Medication

Being pregnant makes sleep problematic for many women, for a whole host of reasons.

Pregnancy antidepressants 300 240x160 article

Drugs in Pregnancy Part 6: Antidepressants

The risks of antidepressants during pregnancy.

Open uri20160427 21842 67yfnv article

Should You Join a Clinical Trial? - MedShadow

Participating in research can be a great way to benefit from experimental treatment (and maybe earn a little $$). 8 things to know before you sign up....

Open uri20160427 21842 1dva606 article

Corticosteroids Are Bad for Bones (and Health)

Not all corticosteroids are created equal. Systemic forms of these drugs have harmful effects that outweigh their benefits....