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I'm a content marketing writer and journalist covering the intersection of health, personal finance, and home/lifestyle topics for the web, consumer magazines, and health organization publications.

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Sweets article

Sugar Shock!

The sweet stuff could be shortening your life.

Standingdesk article

Sitting Too Much Can Shorten Your Life

On average, Americans sit 8 hours a day. In the last fe […]...

Give article

Give Smart to Charity

Especially around this time of year, finding some extra […]...

998753 don t let nightmares plague your sleep article

Don't Let Nightmares Plague Your Sleep

How to prevent adult nightmares.

998748 get out there cold temperatures help burn off fat real woman article

Get Out There-- Real Woman

Cold temperatures help burn fat.

998750 get your anger in check article

Get Your Anger in Check

Strategies to keep you from boiling over.

998752 missing loved ones during holidays article

Missing Loved Ones During The Holidays

Tips for getting through.

998755 new laws and campaigns attack sex assault on college campuses article

New Laws and Campaigns Attack Sex Assault on College Campuses

What colleges are doing to prevent sexual assault.

Pink article

Pink for a Cure?

How to give wisely for breast cancer research.

Bully article

Put a Stop to Workplace Bullying

It feels like something that should be left on the grad […]...

Selfdefense article

Smart Strategies for Self-Defense

The news lately has been rife with frightening examples […]...